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Pricing for Window Ads

For creative window ads, our minimum is $125. We provide exact pricing when the scope of the ad is known. Call 480-216-4750 to get a quote.

Special Pricing for Christmas and other Holiday Window Ads

We price our holiday window designs by the window pane. Our prices range from $30-$45 per pane with a three pane minimum.

Our design could include a simple scripted Holiday message and/or holiday symbols.

We can and usually do incorporate your business theme into the design.

If an advertising message is incorporated, our advertising pricing applies.

Window Murals

Murals can be done on almost any surface: window, wall, block, paper, etc. They can be done permanently or on moveable panels.

Miri has done them on each and both ways. Her designs are original, fun, colorful, eye-catching.

Mural pricing starts at $12 per square foot. Outside block walls with deep grout lines start at $16 per square foot; flat walls are less.

We don't work on scaffolding.

How to Remove Window Ads

Our price does not include removal.

We use acrylic paint which is removed by wetting with a mixture of 1/2 ammonia and water then scraping off with a sharp 4" scraper. We charge about 1/2 the put on price to remove it for you.

About Our Window Ads

The pictures on this site are actual windows that Miri has painted.

You tell us what you want and Miri creates and paints the design on the spot. She does not use stencils.

Also, you don't have to pick and choose from what we have done in the past. However, feel free to use our previous work as a guide to deciding what you want.

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