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About Window Ads in Mesa AZ

Painting windows is a love I developed early in my life. My first experience was before I could I drive when my mother saw a Christmas window and said "Miri, that looks like fun. You could do that!" That statement started me on a window painting journey which continues today. A window is a perfect canvas for my desire to tell a story with color and design which is what I do.

To me, every business owner envisions his business a certain way. That vision includes colors, images, graphics and words. My approach to every window ad is to translate the vision of the business into a customized ad that is unique to its theme. My palette is bright, colorful, and aims for contrast that will be eye-catching from a distance. I do not use a one-style fits all technique like many sign painters.

To make Creative Window Ads a success, my partner (husband) joined me to provide the necessary support we needed. His background in software development, record keeping, financial management, and organizational skills combines perfectly with my visionary approach to window ads. Our combination of skills allows us to focus on the areas we each do best.

Miri Weible         Dennis Weible

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